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Posted by Chappers on April - 16 - 2011 0 Comment

April Scott’s OCD/Panic Attacks have been getting more and more prominent these past few weeks. She finally convinced Dr Sid Walker to remove a harmless mole from her neck. Coloured in multiple copies of a map until it was perfect, then went crazy when she realised she had to transport her work without it getting creased. She then blew up at Liam Murphy for not fixing the electrics that caused Bianca to get a shock at the love shack,  and she also got upset when a classmate borrowed one of her pens.  A distressing time for April, but lots of pleasure for us viewers as Rhiannon Fish has been showing off more of her lovely cleavage.

Rhiannon Fish Cleavage
Rhiannon Fish Boobs
Rhiannon Fish Breasts

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